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Healthcare is complex.

We light the way.

We're on a mission to help people understand the best path forward through the complexities of healthcare, providing unbiased guidance, resulting in less cost and better care.

What is Trig?

Teacher / Resource / Illuminator / Guide

Trig Life Services is a web-based solution for your employees to get more and pay less for their healthcare. When you put Trig in your employees' hands, great things happen. Better health. More confidence and ability to use the healthcare system. Even higher productivity and greater job satisfaction.

"My employees don't have to worry about healthcare anymore. Which means I don't. They just go to trigls.com and navigate the best care and costs for themselves. Trig literally saves us thousands of hours of lost time each year."
- Trig Client

Trig Life Services Is...



Trig has no ties to any insurance plan, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or political lobbyists.



Trig was formed by a team of people who spent decades inside the system.



Trig guides you to solutions that help reduce your costs and improve your care. Trig also acts as a teacher so that you can navigate the system, not get steamrolled by it.

How we help

The Trig Life Services website is an independent, one stop shop to help you lower costs and improve care. Simply select the subject at hand and Trig will light the path toward better care and cost solutions. From selecting a doctor, finding a cheaper presription to dealing with a chronic illness, Trig is your independent guide and teacher.

Our site also features a powerful `fits Hub. Our Benefits Hub is the home for your employees benefit packages, contact numbers and simple explanations to health care questions.

"Trig is the Consumer Reports of healthcare."
- Trig User

Why more and more employers are adding Trig


Reduce Time

Trig cuts down on the time employees and HR spend navigating care and costs with healthcare.


Reduce Turnover

Employers who include Trig are making an investment in their employees' health. People are loyal to those who show they care.


Increase Productivity

Healthier employees, undistracted by care and insurance, are the most productive workers a company can hope for.

"Our people know more and can do more on their own behalf thanks to Trig. Trig is the first company we've seen that has just one agenda: keep workers happy, healthy and productive. What more can a CEO ask for?"
- Trig Client

"We are always looking for creative solutions to address our healthcare costs. Our broker told us about Trig, and we've had a great partnership ever since."
- Trig Client

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