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We provide healthcare training, tools and a unique behavior change and engagement program designed to help companies decrease the money spent on benefits plans and increase the quality and service their employees receive.

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Trig Provides


EmployeeEngagement + BehaviorChange

We’re the most empowered consumers in the history of the world, yet it’s still nearly impossible to know how to get the right care.

Trig gives the power back to you.

By getting the facts when and where you need them, education and “consumerism” work together. Trig’s behavior change program will change the way you talk about healthcare.

Using proven data to implement a cost-effective process that works, we work with you to establish your company-wide goals and show you how to meet them.

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Trig provides detailed training and step-by-step guides on everything from finding a doctor to paying the final bill. We link to the best tools and resources like telehealth providers, doctor rankings and locators, and symptom checkers. Trig’s carefully selected Solution Center combines everything needed to get a vastly improved healthcare experience.

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Imagine health insurance explained, for the first time, in an easy to understand portal. We educate and help your employees understand their benefits. Questions typically directed to HR are now answered, explained and housed in one singular platform. Access to the information they need, when they need it.

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Watch these real-life stories to understand the foundation on which Trig was built.

Be part of the story. Be part of the solution.

It's time to take action. It's time to let us help. Please contact us today.

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Our people know more and can do more on their own behalf thanks to Trig. This is the first company we've seen that has just one agenda: keep workers happy, healthy and productive. What more can a CEO ask for?
-Trig Customer

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My employees don't worry about healthcare anymore. Which means I don't. They just go to and navigate the best care and costs for themselves. Trig literally saves us thousands of hours of lost time each year.
-Trig Customer

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