Trig Learning Systems was founded on the principle that everyone deserves to have appropriate and affordable healthcare. Healthcare cost and quality can be controlled through employee benefit activation.

 With over 30 years of experience in benefits administration, founder Bob Hanlon struggled to make healthcare decisions when his own family member got sick. Being in the business of health insurance benefits, it should have been easy.  However, he found that a good patient or patient advocate must know what to question, who to question, and ask the right questions.  There’s a lot to know if you want to get the best care at a fair price, yet no one has that information.

While working with 45,000 employees in benefit and insurance administration the consistent question employers asked Bob was, “How do we slow the growth of our company’s medical plan costs?”

Bob Hanlon

Licensed Benefits Consultant

Bob Hanlon started Corporate Health Systems in 1985 with it growing to one of the largest independent health insurance brokerages in the State of Minnesota. The firm sold proprietary administrative systems in addition to providing consultative insurance services.

Bob Hanlon

Employee Benefit Activation

Bob’s answer was employee benefit activation. Activating the people who get the medical care will contain costs.

Activated employees are able to:  

  • Use all employee benefits at their disposal 
  • Get the correct level of care 
  •  See quality doctors
  • Verify they were diagnosed correctly  
  •  Get the most medically appropriate treatment

Since there was no program available that educates and guides patients through the healthcare system, Trig was born