How to access your HRA account.

Accessing Your Account

You should sign into your account to review: 

  • Plan specifics
  • Types of services that can be paid through your HRA
  • Claims submitted, status of claims 
  • How much money is available for reimbursement
  • How to properly submit claims directly or how to use a debit card 
  • For information about your plan, please see the “Specific Information to my plan” section. 

Using your funds  

Debit Card  

  • If you have an HRA debit card, you can use it to access your HRA funds for eligible medical expenses.     
  • Your card can be used at clinics, pharmacies and other stores that have an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) Certification.  


If you paid for a qualified medical expense out of pocket, you can file a reimbursement through the portal.   

  • You will need the following information for reimbursement according to IRS rules:
  • Provider Name
  • Date of Service
  • Name of Patient