Healthcare Navigation: Take Back the Wheel

steering wheel

When I was about 15 years old, one of the things I most wanted to do was drive. Lucky for me, I grew up in a rural area and had the chance to drive farming equipment around from a young age (with help and monitoring, of course). But the one thing I wanted to drive the most was the tractor, and I wanted to drive it on my own.

At the time, my family was living on some rental property, and the land owner let us use his small Massey Ferguson tractor to do the snow plowing and other jobs around the property. One night, while everyone else was away, I decided (for some un-remembered reason) to take that tractor out and drive it around. I had some knowledge of how it worked but, like all equipment, this one was unique, and I should have had a lot more training before I tried to drive it alone. Well, long story short, I ruined the transmission on the tractor that night. I was terrified. It started to rain, but somehow I pushed it back into the barn. I debated many different courses of action that night but in the end told my father about what happened. He talked to the owner and (not surprisingly) I had a lot of extra work to do. The punch line of the story is that many years later, I found out that the transmission was already going out on the tractor, and my father and the owner had had a good laugh about the timing of my ill-fated decision.

What is the point of this story? Just like me and that tractor, most (if not all) of us use a very expensive and complex system with little or no training, and it feels like the transmission may go out at any time. The system I am referring to is healthcare.

There are many reasons why our healthcare system is in its current state, including policies, payment structures, educational costs and of course individual decisions. Most of us understand that the cost of healthcare is increasing at a fast rate and that it cannot continue as it is. On the government, provider, and insurance side of the issue, they have tried – and are still trying – many different solutions. However, we will not know how effective these solutions are for some time to come.

What if I told you there was a part of the overall solution that rested solely with you, and that the outcomes could be seen almost immediately? Would you believe that? Would you be willing to make some changes in your use of healthcare to save money and improve how things go when you use it? At Trig, we not only believe this is true, we are doing something about it.

Our Healthcare Navigation services give people the knowledge, skills and experience they need to be able to “drive” this complex healthcare system on their own. When you are the one in the driver’s seat, you are in control. You are asking different questions, making better decisions and spending less money, time and effort.

Are you ready to take the wheel?

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— Mick

Photo Credit: Mosman Council

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