Health Brokers and Trig – Health Literacy for Brokers

Why health literacy and brokers?

When it comes to health literacy and brokers, its something that we strongly believe in. And we believe that they can support health literacy.  We here at Trig like to think that we understand brokers. You see, way back in 1987 we started out as a health insurance brokerage. Once upon a time before the world of Obamacare and “health-tech”, we were working with our clients in a number of capacities.  Not only normal broker stuff (renewals, shopping out your benefits etc.), but we also  developed our own proprietary benefits administration products. Things like enrollment and HRA administration, things that now seem standard but were quite revolutionary at the time.

Therefore the point that I’m trying to make is that we understand, very well, the role that brokers play in the industry. And we realized that benefits administration was only a part of the equation, and that we can do better.

That’s why we started Trig. Because we were tired of seeing people fall into the same traps year after year, driving their costs to extortionate levels. And we knew that we could do something about that. We can simplify their healthcare experience. Health literacy and brokers can work by introducing literacy platforms to clients.  We can provide them with guidance (things like finding a doctor and reducing prescription costs) and the tools to do it.

With that in mind, Trig is dedicated to working with the best brokers in the industry. Trig functions as a third party that can draft communications on behalf of the broker, the employer or both. Simply put we can help.

How Trig Can Help health literacy and brokers 


Trig simplifies all of your benefits information. From there we use our platform to link, explain and guide the individual through using the available services and healthcare situations. Most of all, Trig specializes in communicating step-by-step instructions to guide people through any healthcare situation. No jargon and no confusion. We know that’s a bit unthinkable, but we make it easy. Why does this matter to the broker? Because this translates into better and cheaper benefits, keeping your clients especially happy.

Enhance your Offerings

It’s become a full-time job (actually several full time jobs) keeping up with the different companies, services and products that exist in the healthcare marketplace. We specialize in conducting our own research in vetting out the best products that provide real value. We will help you put in place the best products that are a natural fit with your clients. Finally, we will work with the company leadership to implement the service, and communicate it to the employees. Also, we take all of the company’s products (current or new) and increase engagement. Because we know you’re sick of people not using your telehealth program, and that stops now. More Here.

Increase Competitiveness

Competition amongst brokers is more fierce than it’s ever been. Your companies will have a better overall healthcare experience and enhance the current products. Think of it like your current benefits plan on sterroids, plus a new set of services.  Brokerage houses are held to an extremely high standard, and we can help you maintain that reputation.

We improve health literacy