Employer-Medical Savings Account awareness is the key to saving CDHP’s

Rising healthcare costs is something that all employers face, but few employers look to their population to help them manage these costs. One of the greatest challenges that healthcare consumers face is the high fragmentation and complexity of their insurance and care. Trig works to simplify benefits and provides a single source for users to access their care and make informed medical decisions

What we do

Increase Benefits Awareness

Trig works with all brokers and insurance carriers. The platform can be customized to your benefits and all products that you’ve purchased.

Improve Benefits Understanding

Surveys, training, quizzes, videos and assessments provide engaging user experience to increase understanding of benefits.

Appropriate Benefits Utilization

Guides, calculators, and benefits education allow people to take action in preparing to afford quality medical care.

Impact to Employers

We work with employers to…. …………..

Let us know If you’re interested in seeing how our product can:

  • Manage your health savings arrangement communications
  • Engage your account holders
  • Provide a white-labeled platform