2 of our clients saved a ton of money last week – Here’s how
We’re all about changing behaviors. One of the simplest behaviors that you can change is to  do a bit of research. One of our clients needed an MRI. He called his insurance carrier to make sure the MRI was covered and to ask how much it would cost. The answer: $1100.  Then he checked with Trig. Trig showed him a few options for stand-alone MRI clinics (he found one in near him), the company guaranteed that no MRI will cost more than $600, so his savings last week was at least $500.

Another client was paying $400 every month ($4,800 per year) for one of his prescription medications. Because this prescription was so expensive, he checked with Trig for solutions. Trig introduced him to GoodRx which is also located on our Top Websites page. Through GoodRx, he was offered a manufacturer discount coupon which paid the first $2400 for his medication each year.  His savings last week – $2400.

By asking questions, doing some research and thinking ahead, these people were able to save themselves serious amounts of money. We know that it’s not always easy to make huge changes, but even little changes can have a big impact. Knowing how to solve medical issues isn’t always easy. That’s why we work to guide you through the mess and help you find the right answers and the right care.