Preventive care visits are covered at no cost to you. Services include immunizations and screenings that help identify and prevent serious illnesses or diseases and help you maintain optimal health.

Insurance Coverage

  1. Preventive care services are only covered once a year for adults, and you must stay in your insurance network
  2. Preventive Care visits DO NOT include the monitoring of an existing condition, treatment of an illness or the diagnosis of a new condition
    If you get care for an existing problem, then your visit may be subject to deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance.

Covered Services

  1. Children’s preventive care includes vaccines, assessments and screenings
    It is recommended that vaccines begin at birth and continue through 16 years of age. Please see Trig’s list of Children’s Preventive Care Services.
  2. Adult preventive care includes vaccinations, annual physicals, and further assessments and screenings.
  3. Pregnant women have further recommended guidelines
    Vaccinations, diabetes screening, hemoglobin, hepatitis B, iron deficiency and Rh compatibility testing are common screenings during pregnancy.