How to use your funds and claims

How to use your HRA:  

  • Check with your plan sponsor for details on what expenses your specific HRA covers 
  • You can use your HRA funds to pay your deductible and co-pays  
  • You can use your HRA to pay for qualified medical expenses 
  • You can use your HRA to pay for vision and dental needs (if available through your plan) 
  • Some HRA’s are able to be used to pay for medical premiums 
  • You can pay for your spouse and dependents 

You can access your HRA funds through:  

  • Debit Card (if available through your plan) If you have an HRA debit card, you can use it to access your HRA funds for eligible medical expenses. It can be used at clinics, pharmacies and  

other stores that have an Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) Certification.   

  • Pay your claim out of pocket and request a reimbursement through your portal. If you paid for a qualified medical expense out of pocket, you can file a reimbursement through the portal.   
  • You will need the following inform