Finding and selecting a doctor can have a huge impact on the quality of your care. Following these instructions should help you get the best care at the most reasonable price and ensure the best outcome.

  • Determine which type of doctor you should see

Should you start with your general practitioner or can you go right to a specialist? Do some research on your condition to help you determine the right fit for you.

  • Search for in-network providers

Your insurance carrier’s provider search tool will help you choose a doctor that is in your network. This will help to ensure that you will not be overcharged by going out of your network.

  • Use a quality research tool to compare your in-network providers

We recommend to see patient reviews, qualifications, location, education and ratings. You can even set up an informational meeting with the doctor to see what you think.

  • Compare prices for services

Costs for office visits, procedures and test can vary greatly from one doctor to the next.