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Engage and Empower

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Empowering Through Communications

We provide a strategic communications platform to get your employees the information they need to maximize your benefits (including us!), no matter where they are.

No one knows what they don't know. Taking out the guesswork, we simplify the complexities by providing employees with communication that drives awareness and providing tools to do something about it.

Don't drop the ball on communicating your coverage, and all the valuable resources that come with each.

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Linking the Information & Tools Employees Need

Employees need year-round communications on benefits (not just during your renewal) to really understand your coverage.

We provide communications that drive awareness, educate & show employees the tools they need to put them to use

A user opening an email from Trig

A Guiding Process

An email from Trig on a mobile phone

Communications to Drive Awareness

A Trig reference Guide on a mobile phone

Training to empower action

An email from Trig telling users about a helpful tool

Tools to put it to use

Information employees need,
wherever they need it

Social Networking


Driving awareness through the most used communication channel of the 21st century

Email Strategy


Using consistency to drive awareness & link to solutions



Real & actionable insights with you & your employees in mind

Web Connected Device


Printed Media


Keep it simple & Old School! Posters & print info at your disposal

Mobile Phone

Push Notifications

Specific, Relevant & Timely Pop-ups on computer & Androids

Video Content


For those who hate to read, everything Trig & all we train on

Access is everything. We know your employees need information about your benefits coverage and assistance working through the healthcare system in locations that aren't your office. We strive to deliver that matter where they need it.

Empower your employees

What does Trig's personalized benefits hub offer?