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Connecting Information & Tools

Our engagement program is a community-based approach designed to utilize an organization’s existing structures to enact large-scale change.

Derived largely from William Bridges’ model of "managing transitions", the program entails the creation of a long-term strategy with C-suite executives and the development of a "user committee" to strategically distribute communications and collaborative materials to facilitate new healthcare-based behaviors.

The core focus of the program is to change the behavior of the entire population.

A user opening an email from Trig

Our Guiding Process

Strategic planning to drive and create awareness

An email from Trig on a mobile phone

Communications to Drive Awareness

A Trig reference Guide on a mobile phone

Training to empower action

An email from Trig telling users about a helpful tool

Tools to put it to use

Information employees need,
when they need it

Your Consultant


A Trig consultant is assigned to each client to work directly with user groups and guide users through the program

Email Strategy

Email Campaigns

User committees send relevant updates and user statistics to population to encourage utilization



The user committees will be advised (by consultant) to help and assist employees in utilizing the program

User Committee

Printed Media

Print Materials

Print materials are distributed to population regarding specific strategic initiatives

Mobile Phone


Committees will collect user experiences to understand how the program is running, and to communicate success examples to population

Video Content

Strategy Meetings

The Trig consultant meets with the user committee to guide them through the 36 week process