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Take control of your healthcare

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Anyone can provide a website

We provide empowerment

Trig is built upon a need for information that empowers employees to physically walk through the healthcare system.

Why does it matter?

Because the quality and cost of care they receive literally depend on it.

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Navigate the healthcare system

No one teaches us how to work through the healthcare system. Those days are over.

We pair training on what to do & how to do it, with actionable resources that empower employees to effectively navigate the healthcare system.

The Result?
Quality care and reduced healthcare claims for them and your health plan

What You Need to Do

Guiding Resources

Why risk the health of your employees by sending them into the healthcare system blind?

Our tools are housed in step-by-step instructions that guide your employees to breeze through the healthcare system, no matter what brought them there.

What to Do When You Go to the Doctor

What does Trig's personalized benefits hub offer?