Are you a spender or saver?  Are you a value shopper or an investor?  How you spend the money in your savings arrangement is up to you.  

Medical Spending Calculator

Accessing your money is pretty easy.  Most of the time you get a debit card that links directly to your account,  but that’s not the only way. You can also file for a reimbursement if you pay for services out of pocket. 

Believe it or not, putting money in doesn’t always mean you’re taking it away from other things.  In fact, you may be surprised what types of things you can use the accounts for. In most cases, putting money in can actually help you save money!    

The IRS has a list of items, services, products, and other things that you can use the money for.  But this varies person to person.  Everyone has different needs based on their health, risks, and lifestyle.    

Prices for medications, procedures, and doctor visits all vary by location, and high cost does not equal high quality. Check out some price shopping tools to get the best cost and quality. Websites like GoodRx and Healthcare Bluebook can be super helpful!  

Once you know how to spend your money wisely, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck!