1/3 of Americans are getting hit with these unfair billing practices. Are you one?

If you receive a surprise medical bill or are balance billed:

  1. Contact your insurer or provider to make sure that they did not send you this bill in error.
    Ask for an itemized bill from the hospital or provider.
  2. Call your insurance carrier’s member services department and explain the situation.
    Tell them that you were unaware you received care from an out-of-network provider (Providers who have not contracted with the insurance company to offer a lower rate). Ask them to include these charges as in-network.
  3. Contact the provider who sent you the bill.
    Talk to their billing department and inform them that the charges were a surprise and you believe them to be unfair as you were not given a choice when using the provider. Ask them to reduce the charges to an in-network rate.
  4. Try to negotiate a “usual and customary” (the average cost for a service in your geographic area) rate.
    Your insurer will be able to provide you with this information.
  5. Check with your state regulatory agency.
    Many states have protections in place for people who incur these unavoidable charges.
  6. If you would like more help, you can use a “Bill Advocacy Company”.
    They will help eliminate or negotiate the charges for a small fee if they are successful.

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