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3 Ways to Improve Employee Healthcare

As we’ve looked at in the past, a lot of companies have transitioned to a high deductible health plan. We know that it’s a smart move if you want improve employee healthcare and help to keep costs sustainable. But is it enough to let them figure it out for themselves? Is it enough to hand them the keys to your multi-million dollar plan and expect for them to arrive safely every time? You know where I’m going with this one – no, it’s not.

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3 Ways to Simplify Your Benefits

Having spent 30 years in the health benefits industry, I can honestly say that one of the most common and consistent complaints that I’ve heard from customers is that their employees find their benefits confusing. Pretty much across the board. Think about it, of course they find their benefits confusing, there are a myriad of forms thrown at them every year, they probably don’t understand why or how their premiums really change each year, and they aren’t really given the tools to figure it out. Up until now, our mantra has pretty much been “just figure it out”. Got a problem? Go to the same doctor that you’ve always seen. Need a new doctor? Try to get a recommendation or something. And if you’ve been given a bill that looks a bit hefty, just deal with it.

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4 Ways to Make Healthcare Less Complicated

Every once in a blue moon I think its interesting to get an outsider’s perspective of things. In this case, let’s talk about our healthcare system. At the moment I’ve got this article in mind. In short, it’s a bit of a comical analysis of a few British people trying to use the American healthcare system. Jokes aside, their biggest concern is how bureaucratic and confusing our system is. And let’s think about that for a minute. I think we’re all aware that getting healthcare can be tricky, but we’re used to it, so we often don’t do anything about it. Our system is confusing and frankly hard to use sometimes. After all there are a lot of players in this game, and we don’t always know who to turn to.

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