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Getting a Fair Price Shouldn’t Be a Struggle

I’m a 50 year old woman (or at least somewhere near 50) who needs to get a routine bone density scan.  My doctor suggested it as part of my preventive care routine, and I heard it was painless and easy so I consented.  No big deal to schedule, my doctor told me, her office would make the appointment.

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Cheap Medication – How To Get It (And Have a Better Outcome)

Do you feel like you have access to cheap medication? Let’s talk about medications and prescriptions. A lot of people need prescriptions pretty regularly. I mean a serious amount. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that about 50% of Americans have used a medication in the past 30 days alone. That’s a seriously significant chunk of people that visit the pharmacy. So let’s think about how many of us shop around for our prescriptions. I’m going to guess a very very slim margin are going to give any thought to price. Certainly not before filling the prescription at the pharmacy.

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How to Incentivize your Medical Plan + Control Costs so that you can sleep at night

With all this talk about high deductible health plans and increased consumerism in healthcare, we are often left wondering if it all really works. Can we really do something about the rising care costs? Can we really expect people to shop for healthcare like they shop for cars and other consumer goods?

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