The cost of a medical misdiagnosis

It’s no secret that misdiagnosis in the medical industry is extremely common. So common, in fact, that if you’re a member of a group health plan, someone on your plan has probably recently been wrongly diagnosed. About 12 million people are misdiagnosed each year. And this makes life much more expensive. Think about it – if you’ve gotten care for the wrong illness, your initial ailment would have gotten worse during that time, because it’s gone untreated.

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Healthcare + Consumer Education – What You Can Do

Here at Trig we’re all about consumer education. That being said, we get a lot of pushback when we talk about things like “education” or “learning”, almost as if this is simply an unnecessary step in the care process (it is a process, you know). It’s as if we are actively taking ourselves out of the equation, and leaving the decisions to the sole discretion of the doctor. Now you may be thinking, “yeah, they went to med school, and I didn’t”. And you’re right, you probably didn’t go to medical school. But you also didn’t go to mechanic school, or get your degree in I.T. (ok, maybe you did), but you still work with those professionals and shop around for price for fixing whatever symptom your computer or car is having. So why not do that with your body?

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7 Things about High Deductible Health Plans

7 Things About High Deductible Health Plans.jpg

Health costs have risen. That’s pretty obvious. And if you’re reading this article you’re probably wondering if a high deductible health plan is something that you should consider. Maybe it’s because your health plan just became more expensive, maybe your costs are actually pretty low but you want to save some extra cash. Regardless of why you’re considering a HDHP, there are a few things that you may not have considered yet.

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