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One Healthcare Management Process—Why It’s Important

I’m going to go ahead and apologize straight out of the gates. I’m sorry, but this article is going to be more salesy than what I normally write. Not because I’m desperately trying to sell you something and get you to buy my shiny toy, but because the subject matter deals very closely with what we do. But it’s an important topic. It’s healthcare management.

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How to Plan for Future Cost Increases

I want to pose a question: Why do health insurance premiums go up? For quite a few reasons: people get more sick, procedures cost more money, medication costs rise… The list goes on. But I want you to consider this fact for a moment – Over the past 13 years salaries have risen at a rate of 43%. Pretty good, right? Now consider that over the same time period, insurance rates have risen 180%. That is a serious chunk of money going towards health insurance premiums. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better (sad face).

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