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Cheap Medication – How To Get It (And Have a Better Outcome)

Do you feel like you have access to cheap medication? Let’s talk about medications and prescriptions. A lot of people need prescriptions pretty regularly. I mean a serious amount. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates that about 50% of Americans have used a medication in the past 30 days alone. That’s a seriously significant chunk of people that visit the pharmacy. So let’s think about how many of us shop around for our prescriptions. I’m going to guess a very very slim margin are going to give any thought to price. Certainly not before filling the prescription at the pharmacy.

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4 Ways the Doctor-Patient Relationship is Changing

It is often said that the relationship between the doctor and the patient is the foundation of the American medical system. Consider your typical Americana small town circa 1950’s. One stoplight on Main  Street, everybody knows everybody, and high school football is the main attraction. You know what I mean. In this scenario, I can tell you exactly who the 3 most important people in town are. The mayor, the priest, and the doctor.  Why? Because these are the people that are the most trusted and are the cornerstone figures in people’s lives.

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3 Reasons Why You Should be Engaged in Your Healthcare

Believe it or not, one of our biggest hurdles in making impactful change is getting people to understand why they should care about their healthcare and about their care process. Realistically, we know what our goals are: save money and get better care. This is the case for both those paying for (employers and individuals) and those receiving (the patients) the care. The issue at hand is this: most people don’t want to engage. And you know what? That’s ok, and it’s not their fault. Healthcare is complicated and, frankly, not designed with the user in mind. And we shouldn’t feel unprepared just because we aren’t a doctor ourselves.

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