Do People Want To Become Healthcare “Consumers”?

A group of shoppers conversing

I was talking to a family member recently, and she revealed that she had no idea how to go about doing price shopping and quality comparisons when it came to her medical care.  I asked her if she even cared?  “Of course,” she said.  “I feel totally taken advantage of”.   This surprised me.  Being in the industry, we see pushback from people saying that their employees won’t take the time to become empowered consumers. Are they right? Do people even want to help themselves and deal with skyrocketing costs or do they see it as a no-win situation? 

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3 Levels of Convenience Care, and Why it Matters

If you’re a follower of our stuff, you may have noticed that we talk about “convenience care” quite a lot. Its something that we believe in and can get pretty fired up about (don’t judge, some people like celebrities, some people like health-tech startups).  Its occurred to me that we should really do an article that focuses more squarely on convenience care and why you should care about it. But before we get to that, lets just look at providing a definition of convenience care so that we can get on the same page.

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