Do People Want To Become Healthcare “Consumers”?

A group of shoppers conversing

I was talking to a family member recently, and she revealed that she had no idea how to go about doing price shopping and quality comparisons when it came to her medical care.  I asked her if she even cared?  “Of course,” she said.  “I feel totally taken advantage of”.   This surprised me.  Being in the industry, we see pushback from people saying that their employees won’t take the time to become empowered consumers. Are they right? Do people even want to help themselves and deal with skyrocketing costs or do they see it as a no-win situation? 

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How My Healthcare Knowledge Helped My Family

I work for a company called Trig. Our goal is to increase benefits and healthcare literacy. It’s that simple. Fortunately, I am one of those people who seldom go to the doctor (knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, etc.). Therefore, this knowledge has personally, rarely been needed (thank goodness!), however, I can pass this information on to those I care about and our hope is that Trig users do the same.

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Health Brokers and Trig – Health Literacy for Brokers

Why health literacy and brokers?

When it comes to health literacy and brokers, its something that we strongly believe in. And we believe that they can support health literacy.  We here at Trig like to think that we understand brokers. You see, way back in 1987 we started out as a health insurance brokerage. Once upon a time before the world of Obamacare and “health-tech”, we were working with our clients in a number of capacities.  Not only normal broker stuff (renewals, shopping out your benefits etc.), but we also  developed our own proprietary benefits administration products. Things like enrollment and HRA administration, things that now seem standard but were quite revolutionary at the time.

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