We believe that Medical Savings Accounts are the key to affording good healthcare. We provide the engine that increases understanding, use and appreciation of these accounts

How We Can Help

Increase Benefits Awareness

Improve Benefits Understanding

Drive Benefits Utilization

Year-round communications for Pre-enrollment, Open enrollment, Post-enrollment periods to improve awareness of their savings accounts and health insurance

Surveys, training, quizzes, videos, and assessments provide engaging user experience to increase understanding of benefits

Guides, calculators, and benefits education allow people to take action in preparing to afford quality medical care.

Impact to Administrators

We work with Medical Savings Administrators to increase revenue from not only their existing clients, but also by directing new clients to you. Since we distribute our products through Medical Savings Administrators, we direct benefit consultants + employers to our trusted partners.

Let us know If you’re interested in seeing how our product can:

  • Manage your health savings arrangement communications
  • Engage your account holders
  • Provide a white-labeled platform